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Uno Social is committed to gather a community of bright creatives with backgrounds of national and international exhibitions and recognitions, encouraging, cross-pollinating, and publicizing their work in China.

Our team is proud to present a selection of 23 talented emerging artists to take part in Uno Social 2017 Catalogue. Passionate painters, photographers and drawers, our artists share the common language of art and creativity, as well as a strong interest in our social and environmental goals.

Their participation to our project is driven by the convinction that arts are a necessary part of life, expression of a creativity that can do well while doing good.

Download our Catalogue 1.0 though the link below:

UnoSocial – Catalogue 2018 – CN – 手机版


About us

Uno Social

Established in Shanghai in 2015, Uno Social is creative social entreprise that promotes positive environmental and social change through creativity, art and design.

As a creative social entreprise, we promote and sell emerging artists’ artworks through our multiple online sale channels, exciting pop-up exhibitions and sales events. A percentage of our commission fees is then reinvested into inspiring community activities focused on 3 main areas (Social, Environmental, Economical).


“ Since art is considered a noble field, art should be used to promote all that is good and noble, and in a noble fashion “



Catalogue 1.0 – An Introduction

In its inaugural art collection, Uno Social is excited to share 90 stunning pieces of paintings and photographs of diverse materials and inspirations.

This wide-ranging catalogue is the intended result of a cooperation between Uno Social and young – or very young- Italian and European emerging artists who were selected for their ability to innovate and celebrate creativity in an otherwise rather self-referential field, while showing how anagraphical age and artistic maturity aren’t necessarily related.

Further, and thanks to the artists’ strong connection to their contemporaneity, Uno Social Catalogue 1.0 gives an overview on our present time that, while not meant to be exhaustive, still express a deep and complex critique on topics such as the woman’s role, relationships between humans and society, and the natural world.

A distinctive pop and post industrial aesthetic guides this collection, and is then interpreted by each artists with respect to color, technical skill, and media.

Artists and artworks will be online soon.